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i have a NinjaDs,i transfer games using micro sd. .NDS roms are working fine. is there a way to play .GBA roms on slot 1 of your ds? coz my NinjaDS is inserted on slot 1 not slot 2. and it doesnt seem to recognize .GBA files. anyone who can help me? Ezflash 3 in 1 slot 2 Expansion Pack for NDS Lite [Ezflash 3 ... Video Games Accessories Wholesale - Digitopz.com Ezflash 3 in 1 slot 2 Expansion Pack for NDS Lite [Ezflash 3 in 1] - News This item is free shipping worldwide! You can receive the tracking number in 24 hours! M3 DS Real - M3i Zero - Official M3 DS Cards Please note that our buy 2 get 1 free promotion is NOT applicable with orders where bulk or quanrtity discounts are in place. A Maximum of 10 Free R4 Cards in total will be shipped with your order. Wholesale orders are not part of the buy 2 get 1 free promotion due to the discount / wholesale pricing

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Nintendo DS and 3DS storage devices are used to store a licensed ... older devices which fit in Slot-2 (the Game Boy Advance Game ... (Acekard 2, M3 Real Supercard ... Problemas con nds y GBA - Videojuegos

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M3 GBA Expansion Pack - DCEmu Has anyone had success using this product with DS Linux? If so, please tell exactly which slot-1 device you used. I would like to get this working, and it looks like the M3 Real slot 1 card is what I need, but I'd rather know before I buy this time. DS-Scene - View Topic: Which slot-2 card is the best? the best card all around (slot1&2) is the m3 ds real the gba works great coming in at 2nd and very very very far behind 3in1 card and you need to use the gay loader program if you want a stand alone slot 2 card m3 lite was a good card but the biggest micro sd card it can take is 1gb and it cost more then the real that does it all nds/gba Download free M3 Ds Real Dldi Patch - blamulbidinpo.weebly.com The program inside contains instructions that immediately send the program counter to the GBA slot. Some SLOT- 1 cards, such as the M3 DS Simply and the DSTT, have this built into their firmware so they can act as a slot 2 booting device; other SLOT- 1 cards can run a program stored on the card to jump to SLOT- 2 in the same way. Older methods. Review: M3 DS Real Cartridge SDHC SLOT-1 - dcemu.co.uk