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BLACKJACK SIDE BETS . Summary. The larger casino softwares offer 1 or 2 blackjack games with an optional side bet. Blackjack side bets almost always have a higher house edge than the main bet of the game. One of the few exceptions is games with an abnormally high progressive jackpot. A summary of specific bets is below.

Play Blackjack | Rules of Blackjack | Hippodrome Casino If the dealer’s hand is higher than your hand without going over 21, you lose. If your hand is higher than the dealer’s hand without going over 21, you win. If the two hands have an equal value, it’s a tie. All winning bets are paid 1 to 1 but when you get Blackjack you get paid out at 3 to 2. Blackjack Side Bets. Perfect Pairs Live Blackjack - Play Live Dealer Games at 888 Casino Live Blackjack Side Bets: Perfect Pairs and 21+3. 888casino Live Blackjack games include optional bets known as side bets. These include perfect pairs and 21+3. When you place your main blackjack bets, you will place your optional bets at the same time. With Perfect Pairs, you will win if your first 2 cards make up the pair.

Live dealer blackjack is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy this casino classic and with some amazing betting options, there are multiple ways to collect winnings from these games.

21 + 3 Blackjack – How to Play - 21 + 3 Blackjack Combining two popular table games — blackjack and three-card poker — 21+3 retains the strategic aspect of blackjack with the ... The +3 side bet . Blackjack side bet 21 + 3 / Top 3 - Blackjack - Gambling ...

Blackjack Side Bets | Perfect Pairs, 21+3, Bet Behind and More

Blackjack Side Bets - Beating Bonuses The larger casino softwares offer 1 or 2 blackjack games with an optional side bet. Blackjack side bets almost always ... Wagerworks 21+3 Blackjack ...

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Blackjack 21+3 | Get £5 | Monster Casino The concept of side bet is that you bet some credit between 0.10 and 250 apart from the original bet. When your cards are dealt, two of your first cards and one of the dealer’sBlackjack 21+3 is definitely a high-quality Blackjack game with excellent graphics, interesting rules and easy to access gameplay. 21+3 Blackjack Side Bet by | Live… The 21+3 blackjack side bet is a simple optional side bet played along with the required main blackjack bet. The game is distributed by Galaxy Gaming, Inc. from Las Vegas, Nevada. 21+3 was originally brought to market by a company called Prime Table Games, LLC.. Blackjack 21+3 Bet Winning Condition Blackjack 21+3 is a regular Blackjack game with some side bets available on top of it. As a result, you can basically play two games at a single table and at the same time. The 21+3 side bets cover a range of poker hand combinations. If you can correctly guess whether a combination comes up next, you...